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Those who know me know I [smile] a lot.  smile with glasses

I'm a computer junky. I love computers and writing code. I currently have a few web sites on the internet completely coded by me. I own my own business that one day, I pray, will make a profit [smile]. I'm constantly emailing people. If you email me, you should get an answer within 24-48 hours. I always add the 48 hours there cause sometimes due to storms, etc. I'm unable to get online. Of course, if you don't hear from me via email within those 48 hours you can assume I am unable to get online for a very, very good reason. The best reason I've had so far is Hurricane Isabel:  eight days without electricity at home.

I started coding in BASIC (all versions), then learned some PASCAL, a little COBOL and FORTRAN. But I concentrated on my mathematics and statistics until I had a chance to learn HTML, some JAVA, and now PERL. I can use a PC or a Mac, but I prefer the PC. I, also, prefer LINUX as I worked with UNIX before Windows NT existed.

I read a lot, so I'm constantly learning. If I want to know something I get a book, do an internet search, or both. I'm so glad Altavista and Ask Jeeves do not charge for searches. [smile]

As I think of more things I will add them to these "about me" pages.

American Sign Language:  A message using fingerspelling.

Spanish:  Hablo muy poco.

Chinese:  A message in Chinese.

Greek (Koine):  A message in Greek.

Flag of the United States of America All my web pages are made in the USA.

Want to know more?  Read my MAPP. (Word document)

Home => What else can Prof Sandee tell me about herself?

Last updated: March 29, 2011