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This is a list of the courses I took while in college/university.  The courses listed below are grouped by department.  The initials following the course name correspond to the following:

    Clayton State College - Associate in Arts = CSC-AA
    Georgia State University - Bachelor of Science = GSU-BS
    Georgia State University - Master of Science = GSU-MS
    Georgia State University - Doctor of Philosophy = GSU-PhD

Click on the department to see a list of the courses I have taken.  The courses listed in each department are listed in the order that I took them.

Business, Ceramics, Computer Science, English, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Spanish

Business:  (top) Ceramics:  (top) Computer Science:  (top) English:  (top) History:  (top) Mathematics:  (top) Music:  (top) Physical Education:  (top) Physics:  (top) Political Science:  (top) Psychology:  (top) Spanish:  (top)
*Since physics was my minor, I took two mathematics courses in the physics department for physics credit.  I could not have both mathematics and physics credit for them since they were the same course, same instructor just different departments.

Home => What College/University courses has Prof Sandee taken?

Last updated: May 31, 2015